Department of Pathology

EBER-in situ hybridization demonstrated the presence of EBV in germinal centre B-cells of a reactive lymph node. The entire germinal centre is packed with proliferating EBV-infected cells. In the absence of antigenic stimulation, these cells would normally be destined to undergo apoptosis. However, their survival and proliferation in this case would imply that EBV may be providing a rescue signal (Khan Exp Hematol 2006; 34: 695-696.) 

Department of Pathology

Microbiology (from Greek Ķ ????, mikros, "small"; Ŗ???, bios, "life"; and -????a, -logia) is the study of microorganisms, which are microscopic, unicellular, and cell-cluster organisms.This includes eukaryotes such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes. Viruses and prions, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. Microbiology typically includes the study of the immune system, or Immunology. Generally, immune systems interact with pathogenic microbes; these two disciplines often intersect which is why many colleges offer a paired degree such as "Microbiology and Immunology".

Department of Pathology

Award winner, Medical Colleges of the Arab world. Celebration venue World Trade Center, Dubai. On December the 15, 2008. Click Here 

Department of Pathology

The primary mission of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences is to educate physicians that are prepared for advanced, international graduate training in all fields of medicine. Click Here for Mission

Department of Pathology

The Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS) and the United Arab Emirates university (UAEU) put a strong emphasis on all aspects of biomedical research, from undergraduate students to ,masters as well as in Post Graduate. Research encompasses laboratory research, experimental animal research, in addition to all aspect of research

Department of Pathology

6th FMHS Alumni Meeting in celebration of The 10th Anniversary of the 6th Class (1999) of FMHS Graduates.
The Excellencies who were present are

Dr. Abdullah Al-Khanbashi
Vice Chancellor
Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi
Secretary General
Prof. Mohamed Yousif Hasan Baniyas
Dean of FMHS

Dr. Leena Mohammed Hadi Amiri
Chair, Board of Directors
FMHS Alumni Association
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Pathology is a wide-ranging discipline. It covers several fields; some of the themes in pathology are histopathology, cytology, hematopathology, clinical chemistry, and human genetics.




Determining the whys and wherefores of common diseases.
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Art and Photography in Pathology Award 2014
This award is presented to increase every medical studentís awareness of pathology.

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