In Basic Medical Science Course

The molecular and cell biology of infectious agents of medical importance. Principles of host-parasite relationship and pathogenesis of viral, bacterial and parasitic infectons. Toxonomy and classification of pathogenic microorganisms and laboratory identification of those microorganisms. The structural and molecular basis of immune system. Principles of immune reactivity and its applications for detection and follow-up of infection.

In Organ Systems Course

Fundamentals of etiology, pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis of bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections in different organ systems. The basic mechanisms of immune reactivity to tumor and graft and general characteristics of immunodeficiencies and hypersensitivity reaction. Pathogenesis, immunodiagnosis and immunotherapy of organ specific and systemic immune mediated disease.

In Clinical Sciences Course

Problem solving based teaching of clinical laboratory medicine (in close collaboration with the Department of Pathology and clinical departments). Substantial contribution to the clinical clerkships in multi-disciplinary seminars.