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Advanced Trauma Life Support- (ATLS®)

Department: Surgery

Event Date: Friday, April 30, 2004

Advanced Trauma Life Support



Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS®) for Doctors is not just a course, it is a system. A system of training that starts with the premier surgical association (for example, the Trauma Committee of the Surgical Advisory Committee in the UAE) of a country, and spreads outward from there. Before 1980 the delivery of trauma care by doctors in the USA was at best inconsistent. The ATLS course was given nationally for the first time in USA under the auspices of American College of Surgeons in January 1980 and it has significantly improved the management of the trauma patients.  The American College of Surgeons has had long international experience with introducing the ATLS® Program. In all cases, a local surgical infrastructure takes ownership of the course to ensure its survival and promote this training system.  Incorporating the ATLS® Program into the surgical infrastructure of the Trauma Committee of the Surgical Advisory Committee (SAC) highlights this organization’s commitment and dedication to improving the care of the injured patient in the UAE.

These courses are promugulated after thorough investigations of organizations and sites where these courses are to be held. It has taken eight years for the Trauma Committee of the SAC to bring the courses to the UAE. The UAE becomes only the second country, after Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf to have authorization to run these courses independently. This Committee will be bringing courses for Prehospital Trauma Care that is endorsed by the American College of Surgeons, and the Trauma Care for Nurses course.

Trauma is a major health problem in the United Arab Emirates. It is the  leading cause of death for patients under 40 years of age. Trauma affects mainly the young productive population and this has a profound health and economic impact. About 17% of annual mortality in the UAE is due to trauma. Most deaths are caused by road traffic and work related injuries. ATLS is designed for all doctors and aimed at bringing about uniformity of care at the primary place of treatment. All doctors involved in trauma care will benefit from this course.

The program is directed towards the “golden first hour” of initial assessment and primary management of injured patients, starting at the point of injury and continuing through initial assessment, life-saving interventions, re-evaluations, stabilization, and when required, transfer to a center offering specialized and definitive care. Courses have been held in 47 countries and trained more than half million doctors all over the world. This is the first time these linked courses (Provider and Instructor) are taking place in the UAE and we plan that the program will continue. The Instructor course aims to train doctors to teach the Provider course in which doctors from all over the Emirates will actively participate. The Local Organizing Committee wishes to express its gratitude for the strong support of Ministry of Health and the senior administration of Al-Ain and Tawam Hospitals. The Faculty of Medicine at the UAE University is privileged to host these courses and is delighted that our medical students will be able to participate in a course especially adapted for undergraduates. We are very much looking forward to the introduction of ATLS in the UAE and believe that the principles taught and skills acquired will be extremely beneficial for our community nationwide.


Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons,

Trauma Committee of Surgical Advisory Committee, UAE

Trauma Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University 


American College of Surgeons


Prof. Steven Parks

Prof. Jameel Ali

Prof. Christoph Kaufmann

Porf. David Burris

Ms. Irvene Hughes

Local Faculty


Dr. Abdul Qader Hadi

Dr. Ken Dittrich

Dr. Suhail Kazim

Dr. Subash Gautam

Dr. Ateq Mohsen

Local Organizer


Prof. Frank J Branicki

Dr. Fikri Abu Zidan

Dr. Fawaz C Torab

Mr. Abdulla C Jamal


Course conducted at Shaikha Fatima Lecture Theatre Second Floor, FMHS (Female Side)

And the practical conducted at Block ‘C’ first floor
On Friday the 30th April and Saturday the 1st May 2004.