Dr. Antonio Castella
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
Phone: 971 3 7137 465
Fax: 971 3 7671966
Email: acastella@uaeu.ac.ae

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

United Arab Emirates University
P.O.Box 17666, Al-Ain
United Arab Emirates
M.D.University of Barcelona, Spain1972
M.D.Barcelona, Spain1972
Postgraduate Diplomas, Certificates, and FellowshipsYear
American Board of Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical Pathology1981
American Board of Pathology-Hematolgy1982
American Board of Pathology-Blood Bank1983
Assistant Medical Director, Red Cross Blood Bank Center, Syracuse,NY1982-1983
Attending Pathologist, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY and Assistant Professor Pathology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY 1983-1989
Director North Shore Medical Laboratories, NY1989-1993
Attending Pathologist, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Associate Professor, Pathology, FMHS, UAEU, Al Ain 1997-2008
Research Interest
Epidemiologic studies of Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas 
Selected Publications
Miller, JL, Castella, A, Platelet type von Willebrand disease: Characterization of a New Bleeding Disorder, Blood 60:790-794, 1982 
Miller JL, Kupinsky JM, Castella, A, Ruggeri, ZM, von Willebrand Factor Binds to Platelets and Induces Aggregation in Platelet Type but not Type IIB von Willebrand Disease, Journal of Clinical Investigation, 72: 1532-1542, 1983 
Castella, A, Mason, N, Clarke, G, Feldman, A, Coexistence of Malignant Melanoma, Hodgkin's Disease and Follicular Lymphoma with Expression of the BCL-2 Oncogene, Histopathology, 35, 387-388, 1999 
Castella, A, Joshi, S, Raaschou,T, Mason, N, Pattern of Malignant Lymphoma in the United Arab Emirates: A Histopathologic and Immunologic Study in 208 Native Patients, Acta Oncologica, 40 (5): 660-664, 2001 
Castella, A, Croxson TS, Mildvan, D, Witt, DH, Zalusky, R, The Bone Marrow in AIDS: A Histologic, Hematologic and Microbiologic Study, The American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 80:1213-1216, 1986 
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