Dr. Fawaz Torab       
Associate Professor, MD, Facharzt, PhD
Department of Surgery
Phone: 971 3 7137 578
Fax: 971 3 7672067
Email: ftorab@uaeu.ac.ae

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

United Arab Emirates University
P.O.Box 17666, Al-Ain
United Arab Emirates
MD, Faculty of MedicineUniversity of Aleppo, Syria1988
Specialist in Traumatologic Surgery (Facharzt)German Medical Association of Wuerrtemberg, Germany1998
Ph.D, Faculty of MedicineUniversity of Ulm, Germany1999
Specialist in General Surgery(facharzt)German Medical Association of Wuerrtemberg, Germany1997
Postgraduate Diplomas, Certificates, and FellowshipsYear
Professional Certificate in Emergency Medicine (Fachkunde)1997
Professional Certificate in protection from radiation and radiologic diagnostics (Fachkunde)1998
Advanced Training course Morbid Obesity SAGB2001
postgraduate course on GI Oncology2002
Advanced Trauma Operative Management Instructor2010
Advanced Course on Bariatric Surgery2007
Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor2004
Surgical Resident, University Hospital of Aleppo, Syria1988-1989
"Assistenz Arzt"(Resident Doctor), University Hospital of Ulm, Germany1989-1997
"Facharzt" (Specialist Surgeon),University Hospital of Ulm, Germany1997-1999
Assitant Professor & Senior Consultant Surgeon, UAE University, UAE2001-2009
Associate Professor & Senior Consultant Surgeon, UAE University, UAE2009-now
Research Interest
Inflammatory mediators and endotoxin by acute pancreatitis and peritonitis. 2) Methodology for measurement of endotoxin. 3) Morbid obesity: Surgical treatment and complications 4) Ethics 5) use of simulations in teaching 
Selected Publications
1. Torab FC, Hefny AF, Taha M, Abou-Rebyeh H, Abu-Zidan FM. Delayed life-threatening upper gastrointestinal bleeding as acomplication of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding: Case report and review of the literature. Asian J Surg. 2012 Jul;35(3):127-30. 2. Abouchacra S, Chaaban A, Gebran N, Hussein Q, Ahmed M, Bernieh B, Torab F, Kayyal Y, Al Omary H, Nagelkerke N. (Correspondence Author). GFR estimation in the morbidly obese pre- and postbariatric surgery: one size does not fit all, Int Urol Nephrol. 2013 Feb;45(1):157-62 3. Torab FC, Abu-Zidan FM, Al-Salam S, Berger D, Branicki FJ. Peritoneal Resorption Capacity for Lipopolysaccharide and Interleukin-6 in Acute Zymosan-induced Chemical Peritonitis, Eur Surg Res 2011;46:127-132. 4. Eid HO, Barss P, Adam SH, Torab FC, Lunsjo K, Grivna M, Abu-Zidan FM. Factors Affecting Anatomical Region of Injury, Severity, and Mortality for Road Trauma in a High-Income Developing Country: Lessons for Prevention. Injury. 2009 Jul;40(7):703-7. 5. Torab FC, Amer M, Abu-Zidan FM, Branicki FJ. Perforated peptic ulcer: different ethnic, climatic and fasting risk factors for morbidity in Al-Ain Medical District, United Arab Emirates. Asian J Surg. 2009 Apr;32(2):95-101. 6.Torab FC, Bokobza B, Branicki F. Laparoscopy in gastrointestinal malignancies. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2008 Sep;1138:155-61. Review. 7.Botden SM, Torab F, Buzink SN, Jakimowicz JJ. The importance of haptic feedback in laparoscopic suturing training and the additive value of virtual reality simulation. Surg. Endosc. Endosc. 2008 May;22:1214-1222. 8. Buttenschoen K, Berger D, Hiki N, Buttenschoen DC, Vasilesco C, Chikh-Torab F, Seidelmann M, Beger HG. Endotoxin and Antiendotoxin Antibodies in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis. Eur J Surg. 2000 Jun;166(6):459-66. 9.Chikh-Torab F, ShugaŽa A, Schoenberg MH, Beger HG. [The Warren-Cattell-Anastomosis in soft pancreatic stump after pancreatic resections]. Langenbecks Arch Chir Suppl Kongressbd. 1996;113:249-51. German.  
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